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The movie “Transformers 5: The Last Knight” or “Transformers 5” is the latest Hollywood action movie 2017 to be directed by Michael Bay and for the script will be written by several authors such as Andrew Barrer and Lindsey Beer. Transformers 5 Movie is a sequel or sequel of the previous film that was released in 2014 ago with the title “Transformers: Age of Extinction”.


Thriller Transformers 5 movie has a genre that is combined from several genres of Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure and Thriller which will certainly add a movie this one adds interesting and suitable to wait for its presence. Transformers: The Last Knight Movie will be enlivened by top actors and top Hollywood actresses such as Mark Wahlberg role as Cade Yeager, Isabela Moner as Izabella, Stephen Merchant (rumored), Jean Dujardin (rumored), Peter Cullen As Optimus Prime (voice) And Jerrod Carmichael.

Transformers Film: The Last Knight (2017) will be produced by Paramount Pictures production house which is planned to start dirillis and aired on 23 June 2017 (USA). The story of Transformers 5 movie will certainly be more interesting than the previous films of the story of Optimus will get a big problem and he will go out of space to find and meet with the creator. From the storyline that has been found in the movie Transformers: The Last Knight is Optimus Prime is planned to give his last appearance. For those of you devoted Transformers Movies lover not to miss this one movie wait and watch in your favorite theaters

Synopsis Movie Transformers 5: The Last Knight (2017)
In Transformers 5 Movie: The Last Knight or Transformers 5 is told Cade Yeager along with his daughter and his lover and the Autobots of which Bumblebee, Drift, Crosshairs and Hound once again have to fight to protect the earth from destruction.


Meanwhile Optimus Prime will go search the universe to find and discover its creator. The Unicorn has a plan to destroy the earth. And Optimus once again must lead the Autobots to prevent and ignore Unicron from its evil plans.

Detail Film Transformers 5: The Last Knight (2017) Crew :

Genre / Jenis Film :  Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Thriller
Sutradara : Michael Bay
Penulis : Andrew Barrer, Lindsey Beer
Produsi : Hasbro, Paramount Pictures
Tanggal rilis : 23 juni 2017 (USA)
Durasi : –
Bahasa : Engglish
Negara : Amerika Serikat

Transformers Movie Players 5: The Last Knight (2017) Cast:

Mark Wahlberg berperan sebagai Cade Yeager
Isabela Moner sebagai Izabella
Stephen Merchant (rumored)
Jean Dujardin (rumored)
Peter Cullen Sebagai Optimus Prime (voice)
Jerrod Carmichael

Hasil gambar untuk Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 poster

Hasil gambar untuk Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 poster


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Transformers 5: The Last Knight 2017 BluRay
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