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TEN: The Secret Mission ( 2017 )

Synopsis TEN: The Secret Mission ( 2017 )

Director: Helfi Kardit

Author: Helfi Kardit

Player: Karenina Maria Anderson, Svitlana Zavialova, Roy Marten, Gibran Marten, Jeremy Thomas, Ayunia Elfahrez, Shela Nadine, Gege Fransiska, Yenny Arianti, Rhere, Lavenia, Ismi Melinda, Putri Riri, Echa Frauen, Putri Zairah, Hans De Kreker, Wahyudi Beksi


Synopsis About TEN Film: The Secret Mission 2017

The Indonesian film titled “TEN: The Secret Mission” is a film that tells the story of SIS (The Secret Intelligent Service) or also called secret state intelligence sauna led by a Military General (Roy Marten).

Due to a hostage taking against Kelly, the son of an American ambassador to Indonesia from terrorists on an island and for Kelly’s exploits, the terrorists demanded a large ransom by transferring to an existing account at the Bank of Russia, Switzerland and Colombia.

The United States gives an ultimatum of the President of the Republic of Indonesia if the Indonesian government fails to rescue Kelly from an island held hostage by terrorists, then the Navy Seal America special forces will take over the attack. Karean that, so taken the rescue action of the Military General by ordering his men to rescue through John (Jeremy Thomas) a Colonel and proposed to recruit 10 models that used to be athletes martial.

These models used to be excellent martial arts athletes and because to perform special operations to rescue Kelly and the islanders who were made by the terrorists as base camp then they got training first from Captain Dalton (Gibran Martin) and Cathy (Karenina Maria Anderson ) A Major as well as a commander for the 10 models. Then arranged the plan by taking a photo shoot near the island and attacking.

TEN: The Secret Mission

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– Movie Live: July 2017

– Movie Theaters: July 27, 2017

– Genre: Action

– Companies: Starvision Plus

– Official: –

– MPAA Rating: R

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